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Nutrition and its effects on Dental Health:

Proper Nutrition and Dental Health:

Dental health is critical to overall general health and research shows that dental problems, in particular periodontal disease could lead to several other health problems like stroke, premature birth, organ transplant failures, diabetes and even death.

Proper nutrition and adequate supply of bioflavonoid, antioxidants and coenzyme Q 10 benefit both gingival and periodontal health. A well thought out wellness and nutrition program is crucial to general as well as dental health.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to note that most physicians do not have experience or knowledge/training or even belief in the nutraceutical science.

Especially since as health care providers we spend time caring for your health we develop a close relationship. Ever so often we come across patients who enquire about the nutritional supplements they might need. They always have several questions about the nutritional supplements they should be taking and want to know their interactions with any other medications they are taking.

All patients are also concerned that they are getting the best quality nutritional supplements.

At our Houston Dental Group office we provide our patients with a complete nutritional program which is customized to your health needs and your physiological requirements.

Our practice is proud to offer the NutraMetrix Advanced Nutraceuticals nutrition program as one of the many services we offer our patients.

To answer your questions about NutraMetrix Advanced Nutraceuticals here is a comprehensive explanation of their benefits and how it works to provide you with optimal nutritional consultation.

NutraMetrix Nutraceuticals are a comprehensive line of superior quality nutritional supplements which are specifically designed by qualified health professionals and are made available exclusively at healthcare practices.

These supplements are liquid supplements which are isotonic capable with the capacity to provide maximal absorption for most of the nutrients.

In order to gain maximum benefit from this line of nutraceuticals a state of the art, modern genetic test is used to determine which supplements are best for you. These tests create your gene profile using just a non-invasive cheek swab. The gene profile will give you details about your genetic variations which are used to determine which supplements are the most suitable for your body and genetic type and which you will gain the most benefit from.

Dr. Rickett's Houston Dental Practice provides its patients with educational material like DVDs, CDs, mini books and relevant brochures. These will keep the patients informed about the latest information about advances in health management topics. We also conduct workshops and seminars about relevant topics of interest to our patient body.

Our website offers you the option to order the supplements through our online ordering system using our website. You could also order the supplements by phone or email.

This health program which we offer our patients is the latest and most advanced. We appreciate and enjoy the confidence placed in our services by our patients. We are very sure that our patients will benefit completely from this latest health program and invite them to try it for their optimal benefit.

General Health is affected by Dental health

Dental health and its critical effect on our general health:

Recent studies are clearly indicating a strong relationship between optimal dental health and overall general health. In several recent studies it has been determined a strong relationship between gum and periodontal disease and several life threatening diseases like heart attack, stroke and low birth weight and premature babies.

It might surprise the lay person that over 90 percent of all serious systemic diseases manifest themselves initially orally making the dentist your first health care provider with a strong indication to such a diagnosis.

Degraded Dental health and its causes:

According to the Surgeon General's reports over 75 percent of the population is affected by some kind of some kind of oral disease which has an impact on the patients' overall health by having an affect on major organ systems. Bacterial Endocarditic, wherein the heart and heart valve lining becomes inflamed is caused partly by poor oral health. In addition, oral cancer is caused primarily due to poor mouth care. Oral cancer takes more lives than both cervical and skin cancer.

Intestinal problems, IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome] are just some of the problems that are caused by poor oral health since proper digestion of food is affected if teeth are not cleaned properly or are diseased.

Oral diseases that are caused by poor dental health:

Excessive gum problems, mouth ulcers, swollen gums, dry mouth are just some of the symptoms of serious diseases such as diabetes, leukemia, heart disease, kidney disease and cancer. These symptoms lead to an early diagnosis and treatment of these problems through a thorough examination of the mouth. Keeping your dental health in check will prevent several serious diseases.

Steps to take to prevent Oral diseases:

Providing your dentist with a comprehensive medical/dental history to let him know about your general health problems is very helpful. In addition, dentist visits every six months will help you identify any potential problems in your teeth as well as your general health condition. Cleaning your teeth professionally helps in maintaining good dental health.

Steps my Dentist will take to ensure proper care of my teeth and my general health:

Regular dental visits will ensure that your oral health is adequately maintained. It will help you determine if there are any potential problems with your teeth which may need care. Regular dental exams also pin point lapses in hygiene and nutrition, development problems and improper jaw alignment.

Dentists provide regular counseling on home care for oral care which might arise from chemotherapy and head and neck radiation therapy.

Dentists also counsel patients on use of tobacco and its harmful affects. They give valuable information to patients about tobacco cessation programs.

Gingivitis and nutrition affects:

Gingivitis when left inadequately treated can become very critical to both oral health and general health. Additional nutrients and a balanced lifestyle will benefit oral health.

Gingivitis, a painful disease of the gums could react positively to nutritional therapy and additional vitamins. We at Houston Dental Group suggest nutrients that will be beneficial for this.

The above are general health suggestions and should not be treated as alternative to medical treatment. Please make sure you consult your primary care physician about any related problems.

Nutrition and your smile:

Oral health and nutrition:

Periodontal disease and tooth decay are common diseases which can be prevented significantly by simply improving the quality of your diet.

The type of foods that you eat has a strong impact on the tissues and enamel of your teeth. The acids produced by the oral bacteria cause decay to teeth and gum disease and significantly harm your overall general health at the same time.

The nutrition value of the diet you follow is critical to both your oral health and also your general health. Lack of certain critical nutrients cause a lot of harm to your body by lowering your immunity. A lowered immunity can cause both dental problems as well as general health problems.

Eating a variety of nutritious foods is critical to your health and increasing your vitamin intake as well as fiber and other minerals could easily reduce your risk of other diseases.

Planning snacks and meals to improve dental health:

Balance in diet means exercising moderation and introducing a variety of foods into your daily diet. The American Dietetic Association and The National Institute of Health has recommendations for establishing good eating habits which should include the four basic food groups: fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy, meat, chicken, beans and fish and also breads, cereals. The key is to avoid extreme diets that are designed to eliminate entire food groups. Plenty of water is also essential to keep the mouth moist and produce saliva which protects oral tissues.

Carbohydrates such as chips and cookies are best when eaten with meals and not by themselves to prevent them from causing tooth decay. Avoiding foods which are soft and sticky and stick to the teeth will prevent accumulation of acids and sugars on the teeth thereby preventing tooth decay.

Another fact to keep in mind is, too much nourishment is just as harmful as is too little nourishment. Overeating causes obesity, hypertension and diabetes and also causes poor oral health.

Consulting the dentist or dietitian about nutritional status:

There can be certain situations when your health can affect your general nutrition intake when you suffer from joint dysfunction, pain, loss of teeth which is commonly found in the elderly and also those who are on restricted diets. These patients in particular need more attention and counseling as far as nutrition information is concerned.

In general, it is always helpful to seek the advice of your dentist about nutrition and supplement intake and how it will affect your health.

Dr. Gary Ricketts
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