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Nutrition advise through Gene Profiles : NutraMetrix

Overall nutrition and dental health are closely related. A diet low in critical nutrients will make it much harder for the body's immune system to counter infection effectively. Oral health is directly related to proper nutrition since adequate vitamins and minerals are needed by the body to create and retain a healthy oral environment and to counter oral diseases like Periodontitis, tooth decay and other related diseases.

Adequate calcium, Vitamin C intake is necessary to maintain bone and dental health.
Keeping carbohydrates in check is important for dental health. Always choose healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables and cheese. Drinking plenty of water is also important for strong teeth.

Correct nutrition is vitally important for optimal health and it is equally vital to 'fill in the gaps' by taking the right amounts and kinds of vitamin and mineral supplements. Dr. Ricketts offers the NutraMetrix line of products which are superior in quality and also in particular provide superior absorption. It is also important to take adequate amounts ofΒΌ/span>multivitamins, B-complex vitamins and Omega III fish oils on a regular basis.

How does one determine which nutrients you might be deficient in? The best way to determine the correct way of determining this is to use the 'Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis'. This is the latest in nutritional analysis. This is a unique customized nutritional program which is based upon your specific genetic makeup.

Your genetic profile is created using a DNA test and response to a questionnaire.

The Gene SNPs that are tested correspond to seven areas of metabolic activity:

Bone Health
Heart Health
Insulin Sensitivity

A cotton swab is used to collect cells from the inside of your cheeks and your DNA profile is determined. Using this gene profile you will have access to a host of valuable information about your vitamin supplement requirements and also the changes you might need to make in order to gain optimal health benefits.

Dr. Ricketts offers this testing service at his Houston Dental Group office located in the Memorial area of Houston, TX.

Dr. Gary Ricketts
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